Thursday, September 22, 2011

Need some Inspiration?

Well, I'm certain you will find some here, in the new issues of Scrapbook Trends, Cards, Create: Holidays, Cricut Magazine and Cricut Holidays!

Wow! There is all kinds of fun packed into the pages of these magazines!

Scrapbook Trends has some great Fall and Halloween layouts, it features a section  on how to use lots of photos on a page, and even a few cards that look really fun and easy to make.

Cards looks like a great issue, too. Some really, really fun Halloween cards and fall cards. Quick cards...who doesn't like that? There is a technique in this one that really caught my looks almost like a rosette but is made from little paper cones...very intriguing!

Create: Holiday. Oh boy...I'm in love with this one. Stunning cards and some of the most fun and pretty holiday decorations! It covers Fall, Halloween and Christmas.  This one really is packed with amazing stuff.

Cricut magazine is concentrating on Halloween and they have some of the most fun cards and treat ideas for the kids! You could spend days trying to decide which one to make! They've got fun and funky and some really beautiful things in this issue.

Last but definitely not least is Cricut Holiday's. Girls, if you don't have your Cricut out and using need to! Cards, decorations, gift bags, home decor and scrapbook pages...some for Fall, but packed with Christmas ideas. 

Tons and tons of inspiration sitting on the counter here at the Playground. Stop by and pick up your very own issue that you can leaf through while sitting in your most comfy chair with a cup of something good to warm your bones on these cool nights.


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