Monday, January 7, 2013

Last Call

Yep...last call for the Recipe Swap!!

If you would like to participate in the swap, please let me know by 6 p.m. today!

Also, if you are already signed up for the swap and you would like to make & receive 2 sets of recipes...please let me know since that will change our count.  
I know making two sets seems like a lot, but several customers that have done it say that it is awesome to make a set for themselves and then have a spare for a gift. WHAT AN AWESOME IDEA!!  What an amazing bridal shower gift...or for a child or grandchild moving out on their own, a friend, that last gift that you need at Christmastime that you weren't prepared for....there it is...all ready to go. 
This would be great for some of you that would like to join the swap, but don't cook much or feel a need for a recipe would be a fun way to be creative, get together with others...and have a wonderful gift for someone when you are done!

I will be sending out a special email to everyone that joined right after the final count that will have all the details in it.

****I have had 2 people sign up here on the blog, but I don't have any contact information for them, and one of the names is also the name of one of the people that called to sign up, and I'm not sure if it is a duplicate or not. PLEASE...if you contacted me via the comments in the blog, could you please send an email (scrapandplay[at]rushmore[dot]com) with your first and last name so I can make sure we don't have the same person signed up twice and I can add you to the swap email list so you can get the updates and information about the swap. I don't want to leave anyone out that wants to be part of this, so please contact me as soon as possible.****

Talk to you soon....and have a great week!!


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