Friday, October 21, 2011

November Magazines are here!

Yes, they are here and full of fun and inspiration as usual!

Scrapbook Trends has a great section about using Spray Mist, Paint and Ink. If you've been a little intimidated by using any of these items, this might be the issue to get you going. I thought it was refreshing to see a section dedicated to Teens. Sometimes those are the hardest pages to do, so it's always great to get some new ideas and inspiration. Also great ideas how to use stamps in your's nice to have multiple uses for those stamps! can stamp on just about anything that doesn't move...or bribe them with chocolate if they do!

Cards is full of felt, twine, lace and chipboard. The Baby cards are beautiful, I can't wait to make one! The tutorial in this month's issue is for a Simple Quartered Flower. Looks fun to me! Oh! Do you still have all those decorative scissors we all had to have "back in the day"? They have great examples on how to put them to use. (mine have been sitting unloved and unused for a very long time...maybe they will have to come out and play someday soon.

Simply Handmade has it's Holiday issue out and it has ideas for cards, decorations, and gift ideas. There is a Woven Ribbon Mini Album that really caught my eye. They use a combination of ribbon and burlap string and I love the way it looks! There are great wreath ideas and the most adorable little mitten to use for your tree, or decorating or a gift tag...I like that idea, too.

The Create issue is all about Christmas Cards. Lots and lots of inspiration here, if you are stuck and don't know what to for your Christmas cards this year, this is the place to get motivated! I love the non-traditional Christmas colors that they use to really spice up a card. What I love most is that there are so many cards that are easy to make...but they don't LOOK that way. Gotta love that!

This month's Cricut Magazine  features a lot of Thanksgiving and Fall ideas...and LOTS of baby ideas. (Is this the time of year for babies, and I never knew?) and full of color and inspiration.

I don't think there is any way to look through these magazines and not come away with ideas and inspiration to create something fun and wonderful. When I am in a rut...this is where I always go for inspiration.

So, enough is a look at the front covers of these great publications.

Stop on by and say Hi, and pick up your monthly dose of inspiration!
See you soon!


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